Dive deep into the culture, traditions, sights, and people of Dubai. Take a cultural tour of the Magnificent Grand Mosque and the stunning Louvre Abu Dhabi, visit the Dubai dunes and join a camel tour with amazing traditional experiences, hop on a water taxi and cruise along the Dubai Creek, and explore the Al Fahidi Neighborhood to learn all about the culture and traditions of Dubai.

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In Kenya, the options for cultural experiences are endless! Take part in traditional ceremonies with local tribes, such as the Swahili, visit local schools, go to a Maasai market and connect with the locals, visit the Nairobi National Museum and learn about culture, art, and history of the country. If you decide to travel to Kenya in the Spring, head to the annual Marsabit-Lake Turkana Cultural Festival which brings together 14 tribes in celebration of their peace and age-old traditions.

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Madagascar, although apart of Africa, is very different from the rest of the continent. The people of Madagascar originated from India as well as Southeast Asia and other places, so their culture has been influenced by those regions. Take a cultural themed tour at the Masoala Forest Lodge or go trekking and connect with the villagers to learn how they live and work. You can also take a riverboat trip or go on a rainforest hike, where your tour guide will explain the traditional medicinal uses of the trees and plants you’ll be surrounded by!

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Oman offers unique experiences that show you their proud heritage, culture, and traditions. And it’s not just confined to museums and galleries. Enjoy a 7 day cultural tour of Oman that is absolutely life changing! Enjoy traditional Omani cooking classes at the fishing village of Sidab while interacting with their locals, enjoy a visit to the Bait Al Zubair museum, and visit the historic and alluring Muttrah Souq. Here, there will be plenty of opportunities to observe the local way of life. Stop by Birkat Al Mouz, which is an enchanting village that will transport you back in time. Visit the Bait Al Safa and learn about Omani traditions. Then head into Misfat Al Abriyeen where you can see traditional Omani irrigation channels.

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Colombia has stunning culture and connections that you can immediately immerse yourself in. Visit the indigenous village of the Wiwa tribe and learn about their customs and traditions. Partake in a ceremony with the elders of the Kogi tribe, another of the main tribes in Colombia. Learn about and try the unique food and drink traditions, such as hot chocolate with cream cheese. If you decide to visit during the holidays, there are endless unique and traditional festivals all throughout December and some of January. You can also take a salsa class or a local cooking class to learn about Colombian techniques.

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Jordan is wildly popular for cultural experiences. You can visit a local family to learn about the Bedouin lifestyle, which is extremely rare to find today. Bedouins have an ancient story telling tradition that widely exists today, and not only is it enchanting, but it keeps the tradition alive. Learn about the Druze community and it’s important role in shaping history in Levant. They’ll show you traditional folk dances and songs. Experience a camel ride with a Bedouin, who will tell you why camels play a pivotal role in how nomadic tribes are able to travel through such uninhabitable lands. You can also make Arabic coffee, and take a cooking classes to master Jordanian cuisine. 

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Let Jamaica show you what makes them unique. So many experiences will transform your trip, making in unforgettable. Immediately immerse yourself in the beautiful culture the moment you arrive. The art, music, nature, neighborhoods, dancing, and entertainment all continue to keep the traditions alive. There are tours for everything you’d ever want. If you want to experience the culture, art, cuisine, and rhythm of Jamaica, tour Kingston. Looking to dive deep into the music? Head to Montego Bay. We have plenty of options for you to choose from.

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Cuba has some of the best hidden cultural experiences. Renting a classic car and cruising around the city is a must. You’ll be sure to see dozens of others all around. Explore the vibrant streets of Havana and get a taste of Cuba’s contemporary culture. There are so many opportunities all over Cuba to come in contact with locals and build friendships that could last forever. Take salsa lessons, Spanish lessons, art classes, or have a tour guide take you through Havana and tell you all about the art, history, and culture. Also, make sure you stay in a casa so you can discover Cuban hospitality.

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It’s very easy to connect with locals in Indonesia. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the kindest people and have the ability to make life-long friendships. We recommend staying at a small, family-owned guest house or a locally owned hotel, as you’ll be able to bond with the Balinese owners and learn so much about their culture and way of living. There are also so many opportunities to attend festivals and ceremonies. And on top of that, you can enjoy a variety of tours and activities, such as a cooking class or a batik workshop, to dive deep into Indonesian culture.

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